Law Firms Need to do Social Media To

Law firms may have mixed feelings regarding social media.  At times, some partners may feel cautious about it and that it may represent an issue to the firm to engage in social media, due to lack of creating policy for the use of social media.

Meanwhile, lawyers who are open minded or even recently graduated from law school, can recognize the importance of using social media in the firm and that disengaging from it is not a good position to adopt. These lawyers in Burbank are a good example of law firm with good social media.


Here are some information that can help you familiarize more with this subject and can inspire you to use social media in your law firm.


What is Social Media


Social media are internet tools including websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin or applications that allows you as an user to share information such as articles, posts, pictures and many other content that can help your firm become more recognized publicly.


What is Social Media Marketing


Social media marketing concentrates in sharing your articles and other content through social media that allows you to bring attention to your law firm website.  This process will open more opportunities to attract more clients to your firm.  Marc Kreiner and marc kreiner


Now that you understand what is social media and how it works, you can see how important is for your firm to be part of it.  Although many law firms fear overexposure in the internet, you can rest assure about this matter by creating a policy of principles to regulate the use of web based technologies in your firm.  You may have your policies ready before you begin diving in the world of social media.


You can have general guidelines in place for each new social media site that your lawyers want to use to share online content.  Social media is a great way to promote your brand and your policies will protect your firm’s integrity regarding the information you share online.


Enjoy The Benefits


Clearly the sole purpose of using social media in your law firm it is to become more widely recognized and to attract more clients.  Promoting your brand through the internet is a great marketing opportunity.  Expand your connections and resources as well.  Here are some helpful information so you can enjoy the benefits of using social media in your law firm.



Facebook is an online social networking service.  This free to use website allow registered users to create profiles, share content, upload pictures, send messages, keep in touch with all your friends or clients, increase your connections and even promote your services by creating a profile for your brand.  What makes Facebook stand out compare to other social network websites is its popularity.




Another highly popular social media tool is twitter, this online social network service allow users to send tweets, these are  140 character text messages. You can access Twitter through the website, mobile apps or short message service SMS.  Anybody can read tweets but you must register in order to send out  tweets. This accounting firm uses Twitter to updates it clients Xero bookkeeper Sydney




Linkedin is a leading social network website characterized for its professional directory of individuals and companies.  Many individuals use linkedin for professional networking, to connect with other professionals and job searching.
Get familiar with all the many social media websites available, join groups, increase your connections and more importantly meet more clients!


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